New Orleans Wedding with Modern Tradition | Mallory and Brett

August 17, 2022

This love story has been thirty years in the making. When my parents started their wedding photography business, their first clients were Mallory’s parents. My dad had taken a beautiful shot of Mallory’s mom reflected in a mirror that we were able to recreate. Not only that, but after Mallory had finished getting ready, her mom gifted her an antique heirloom, a diamond necklace with diamonds from three generations. It was the perfect accent to Mallory’s intricate lacy Town and Country gown and her long, flowing veil. Once Mallory was done getting ready she had a first look with her dad and her brother. Mallory’s brother wiped away a tear from her cheek, while her dad was visibly filled with emotion when he hugged his daughter. Through the hugs, tears, and laughter, it was clear that this family was deeply connected. It was time to head to the ceremony, but not before capturing Mallory and her favorite women in the afternoon sun. The bridesmaids dressed in pink Town and Country dresses complemented the blush roses of Mallory’s bouquet from JMercer Designs. And in another touching reminder of how connected this family is, JMercer Designs was able to attach a baby picture of Mallory to her mother’s corsage.

Brett is one of the good ones. A true sportsman, he had a pocket knife hanging out of his grey Men’s Warehouse tuxedo. After getting ready he shared beers and laughs with his groomsmen as they hung out celebrating Brett and his big day. Brett and his groomsmen were all smiles in front of the Holy Name of Mary Church. Then, out of the corner of his eye, Brett caught a white flash of sunlight bouncing off the white Rolls Royce carrying his bride-to-be. This filled Brett with a visible swirl of happiness and excitement. Which he was promptly snapped out of as he was shuffled away to the altar.

When the doors to the Holy Name of Mary Church opened, the sun shone around Mallory and her father and above them, it created a vibrant sight as it illuminated the stained glass. It was one of those rare deeply spiritual moments, where everything is perfectly in place. Brett watched Mallory as she walked down the aisle under the shining colors. Since the ceremony was an hour-long I was able to really hunt for all the details that make a wedding ceremony unique, the ringbearer grimacing as he adjusted his boutonniere, Mallory’s father wiping away a tear during the vows, Brett looking back at his friends and family, and the newlyweds kneeling at the altar surrounded by all of their guests.Once all the little moments had been captured, it was time for everyone to go to The Four Columns to celebrate the newlyweds. The reception was an absolute blast. Drinks were flowing and laughs were filling the room as mullet wigs were being passed around. 

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