Hermes 💍 Claire

February 16, 2021

  • How did you meet?

We met working at the hospital caring for the same patient. I thought Hermes was cute so I went into the patient’s room whenever he was doing care to make small talk. We ended up going out with work friends a few weeks later and we didn’t stop talking the entire night. 

  • How did your first date go?

The first date went great. We went to the beach the morning after our night out with work friends. Hermes picked my friend and I up from my apartment at 9:00 AM with bagels and vitamin water. While we were at the beach he asked me to dinner while we were playing in the waves. He took me to a steakhouse. When I got home I told my sister he was going to be my husband.  We were together every single day after that.

  • Who was interested first?

Claire was definitely interested first. She kept making small talk at work while I was trying to be serious on the job. 

  • Who said I Love You first? Explain 

Hermes said I love you first a week after our first date. He came over after work. My cable was out, so we were talking on my couch. He told me how he felt. It was fast, but I felt the same exact way.

  • Who Cooks Better?

It’s a shared responsibility. I cook different dishes; he is the master at grilling steaks and boiling lobster.

  • Who is more competitive?

Neither of us are competitive. We just try to make each other better.

  • Who is the Neat Freak?

Hermes says him. I say me. He won’t clean for weeks, but when he does he doesn’t miss a spot. I clean frequently, but it’s not as detailed.

  • More Sensitive?

Claire is more sensitive because she takes things more personally. 

  • Who wears the pants in the relationship?

We rotate pants. Neither of us is scared to put the other in their place. 

  • Who sings better?

Claire sings better. She also raps better.

  • Who is funnier?

Hermes is funnier because he has really corny dad jokes.

  • Who has better Style/Fashion?

Hermes lives at Nordstrom, however he will never leave the house without asking me for outfit approval, so I’m more fashionable.

  • Who is the better driver?

Hermes is the worst driver in existence. Good luck trying not to vomit while he’s driving. Also, he will miss 6 turns on his GPS because he’s talking to you or fixing his hair in the rearview mirror.

  • What is your favorite thing about each other?
    • Hermes – My favorite thing about Claire is that she understands me and I am 100% comfortable being myself around her.
    • Claire – My favorite thing about Hermes is that he has the kindest soul and cares so much about everyone and everything; he will give you the shirt off his own back…and I like his dad jokes too. 
  • How did he propose?

He proposed while we were visiting my family in Louisiana. He knew how much I wanted to share that moment with everyone special to us. I wanted my family close to celebrate because we live in New Jersey. He told me he was making a special martini for me, and brought the glass out with the ring tied to the bottom. He got down on one knee in front of our entire family. I cried like a baby and didn’t even drink the martini.